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The dry ice blasting process helps improve organizations

SYNERGY DRY ICE BLASTING is a professional engaged in dry ice cleaning equipment, automatic cleaning research and development, production, sales, generation of research and development. The company is committed to creating a complete dry ice industry chain, has developed a number of dry ice cleaning equipment, products are widely used in electronics, rubber, casting, injection molding, welding, stamping, power, chemical textile, printing, food and beverage, medicine, aviation and automotive 4S shop market areas.
In over the past 14 years, SYNERGY DRY ICE BLASTING has accumulated experience and started to expand its business to further provide itself as a machine and dry ice supplier with SYNERGY own brand. Therefore, we look forward to helping our customers achieve success by providing them with the highest quality products and service available.
In the era of eco environmental friendly, to fulfill our mission of creating value and protecting environment, we are dedicated to advancing dry ice technology and protecting the environment by using media abrasive that does not produce hazardous waste streams, including dry ice cleaning effect verification, cost analysis, product supply, technical guidance and training, and one-stop service to make customers’ choice more carefree. We sincerely look forward to cooperating and developing with you.