Printing & Paper Industry


Dry ice blasting quickly cleans printing machinery parts with little to no disassembly or downtime. The process easily and accurately cleans burnished ink, heavy grease and caked on paper dust without chemicals or damage to sensitive and expensive components.

Q & A
Paper Industry
  1. What can dry ice blasting do in Paper production?
    Dry Ice blasting can be operated during paper process and the paper pulp tank equipment usually lays some hard stain which accumulated with pulp scrap. These stain can be cleaned without offline production and yet save the time consumption and man power cost.

Printing Plants
  1. Does printing anilox can be cleaned by Dry Ice blasting?
    Yes, it does. Printing anilox surface has millions shape of micron (µm) hollow which operators find difficulty on cleaning every single printing anilox. It takes a couple hours to deal with it. Dry Ice blasting is one of the solution on taking care of this issue without damaging the printing anilox texture and also speed up the cleaning process time.

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