Rubber & Glove Industry


Dry ice blasting safely cleans rubber molds while hot and online, reducing downtime and eliminating mold fouling.

Q & A
  1. Which part of the glove’s machine equipment can be cleaned by Dry Ice Blasting?
    Basically, there are several applications that can be applied it into the preventive maintenance session. Such as hand former, jig, latex and etc. Normally, the latex hard stain lay on the hand former and cause difficulty on remove it. Yet, the jig is also full of grease that lead to greasy hand former which affected the glove product.

  2. Does precise rubber mould can be completely cleaned?
    The answer is yes. Dry Ice blasting can perform precision cleaning up to 0.1mm area without damaging the part and texture. Besides, it can also deal with deburring process which save more times and workload.

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