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Dry ice blasting effectively cleans upstream oil and gas equipment more quickly and efficiently.

Q & A
  1. What can dry ice blasting be done in Oil & Gas industry?
    Dry Ice blasting actually can clean several area in Oil and Gas industry such as fin fan coil, heat exchanger, or even stripping old paint in FPSO offshore. The fin fan coil and heat exchanger must be cleaned when comes to a certain period and dry ice blasting is one of the efficiency way as it is completely dry process and the machine itself non-flamable which has been certified. About stripping old paint, this is a common job when comes to Oil & gas industry. Many of them are choosing the conventional way Sand blasting, but Dry Ice blasting is more suitable because it would not damage or cause roughness on the metal surface. However, the most important stuff is that dry ice would not cause sparkling or flame when it hits on the metal surface which is more safety.

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