Tidy Jet Mini - Dry Ice Blasting Machine


Tidy Jet Mini - Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Category: Light Duty

  1. Single-tube design, samll size and convenient transportation.
  2. Efficient dry ice saving, long continuons spray time.
  3. Air in let pressure, adjustable amount of dry ice.
  4. Ergonomic spray gun is equipped with LED sportlights for lighting.
  5. One year warranty.
Specification parameters:
  1. Dry ice capacity: about 10kg.
  2. Adjustable dry ice dosage: 0-0.4g/min.
  3. Ajustable jet pressure: 1.4-10 Bar.
  4. Minimum air supply flow: 1.5m/min
  5. Equipment weight: 62kg
  6. Overall dimension (Length x Width x Height): 67 x 36 x70 (cm)
  7. Power requirements: 200-240vac, 1ph (60HZ), 3amps.
  1. 5m 1/2'' inch Spray blast hose.
  2. 6m 3/4'' inch compressed air hose.
  3. A set of airbrush handle and power supply control line.
  4. One nozzle, or other nozzle is optional.

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